Unifimoney selects DriveWealth to provide investment infrastructure to its holistic banking solution

CHATHAM, N.J, September 16, 2020 – DriveWealth, LLC, a leader in global digital trading technology, today announced a partnership with, Unifimoney Inc., a San Francisco-based neobank, to add investment options to its automated money management solution for high earning professionals. Leveraging DriveWealth’s real-time fractional share trading technology and API-enabled brokerage infrastructure, Unifimoney has integrated active and passive investing into one application that helps its users manage their money automatically and effortlessly.

Unifimoney has bundled the best of fintech into an all-in-one everyday money management account — saving, spending and investing. By automating the manual, complex and repetitive tasks in money management — deposit-interest optimization, credit and debit rewards, and dollar-cost averaging — users maximize their passive income while growing their long-term financial assets, effortlessly. With the new investing options powered by DriveWealth, users will have multiple ways to passively invest, whether through automated monthly deposits or by auto-investing deposit interest, roundups on payments, or credit card cashback.

“We believe integrated approaches to money management are the next wave of financial wellness,” said Bob Cortright, founder and CEO of DriveWealth. “That’s why we built a flexible brokerage infrastructure that can seamlessly integrate into multiple parts of a financial application and notional trading technology that enables even the smallest trades to happen in terms users understand, in real time. Unifimoney is taking an innovative approach to money management, and we’re glad to be a part of that project.”

Stephen Nash, DriveWealth’s head of business development, added, “We often hear from banking executives that customer assets plateau without opportunities to earn a meaningful yield. Especially in this low interest rate environment, customers seek a source of returns beyond cash accounts. We are excited to enable neobank partners, like Unifimoney, to overcome this by providing their customers with an integrated investment option.”

“Our partnership with DriveWealth enables us to offer key opportunities for financial growth to our customers,” said Ben Soppitt, Founder and CEO of Unifimoney. “We believe that technology can fundamentally change the way we manage money, and partnering with technology leaders like DriveWealth allows us to get closer to our vision of delivering the maximum value for our users with none of the effort.”


About DriveWealth

DriveWealth Holdings, Inc., wholly owns DriveWealth, LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC.  DriveWealth, LLC is a licensed carrying and self-clearing broker offering digital brokerage solutions to broker-dealers, advisors and online partners worldwide through its proprietary investment platform.  DriveWealth, LLC delivers access to the U.S. securities markets along with an array of digital products that power both emerging and established financial companies. For more information, please visit DriveWealth.com.

About Unifimoney

Unifimoney offers high-performance banking: a single mobile account that seamlessly integrates a high-yield checking account, a credit and debit card, and investing. Unifimoney offers users a rich set of features and functionality combined with the simplicity of automation. Serving professionals in the legal, medical, financial and tech fields, Unifimoney is in private beta from April 2020. www.unifi.money


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