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Ursa selects DriveWealth to provide infrastructure for research-driven personalized stock portfolios

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CHATHAM, N.J, November 19, 2020 – DriveWealth, LLC, a leading global brokerage infrastructure platform, today announced a partnership with San Francisco-based Ursa, a startup providing consumers with an app-based retail investment platform that guides users to build a personalized stock portfolio based on curated insights and research.

Using DriveWealth’s API-based brokerage platform, Ursa was able to build from concept to launch in less than three months. DriveWealth’s infrastructure allows Ursa to focus on building out a unique investment offering for its users.

At the heart of this unique offering from Ursa is the curated content it provides for users to build a personalized stock portfolio. Ursa will research S&P 500 companies and share digestible insights and recommendations with users, who can then customize portfolios based on their personal preferences. Ursa will then continue to provide portfolio guidance to ensure users are making informed decisions about their funds.

“Ursa’s unique offering aligns well with DriveWealth’s overall mission to make investing accessible to retail investors around the world,” said Bob Cortright, founder and CEO of DriveWealth. “Ursa is giving consumers the ability to invest in some of their favorite companies in a way that provides a path towards building long-term wealth.”

Ursa will recommend companies to users based on a number of different factors including, but not limited to, significant growth opportunities, defendable competitive advantages, strong balance sheets, high return-on-capital, strong leadership teams, and attractive risk/return profile. Users have the ability to choose from a stock list consisting of 50 companies across different sectors.

“Our partnership with DriveWealth helps Ursa enable new investors to actively manage a diversified stock portfolio, calling the shots with minimal effort,” said Ryan Jue, Ursa’s co-founder and CEO. “Ursa takes the legwork out of investing by researching stocks, curating relevant news, and automating portfolio management while still offering decision-making to users. It’s like bowling with bumpers.”


About DriveWealth

DriveWealth is an API-driven global brokerage infrastructure platform powering both traditional and innovative investment experiences for more than 50 partners in over 150 countries. DriveWealth’s mission is to reshape the world of retail investing by enabling banks, global brands, and Fintechs to provide investment access and advice to underbanked and underserved customers that was previously only available to the wealthy. For more information, please visit

About Ursa

Ursa is a curated robo advisor guiding investors to actively manage a diversified stock portfolio with minimal effort or experience. Ursa takes the leg work out of investing by researching stocks, curating relevant news, and automating portfolio management while users get to pick the stocks. Ursa is developed by Ursa Technologies, Inc., a San Francisco based startup. Investment management and advisory services are provided by wholly-owned Ursa Financial, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser. Visit to download the app.

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