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DriveWealth CEO Bob Cortright Connects Retail Investing and Embedded Finance With Financial Literacy on Currencycloud’s Payments Innovation Podcast

By July 12, 2021 July 14th, 2021 No Comments

Financial literacy takes center stage as DriveWealth CEO Bob Cortright joins Alex Barr on the Currencycloud Payments Innovation Podcast to share how embedded finance helps retail investors meet their goals. The pair discuss how everyday investors are building their own personal wealth through embedded investment apps and inadvertently teaching themselves financial literacy within their means.

Bob explains how embedded finance allows investors to become more engaged with the name brands they know, which leads to more sophisticated strategies. He defines embedded finance as a consumer-linked saving and investment strategy. The pair also discussed the benefits of fractional trading, and how penny cost averaging helps people contribute to their own financial solvency in a more accessible way—especially the underserved and overlooked investors of the world. 

Bob also praises Greenlight’s mission to open up investing to younger generations—promoting financial literacy, in combination with parental guidance. In the absence of true financial literacy in schools, Greenlight gives families a practical opportunity to educate future generations and make informed decisions about their own financial futures. 

Listen to the full podcast here to learn more.