Brokerage Solutions

DriveWealth’s advanced digital brokerage platform opens the world’s leading financial market to all investors. With DriveWealth’s fractional share, dollar-based investing, any investor can own shares in the world’s most recognized U.S. equities, regardless of stock price or deposit size.

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Global Onboarding

As a full-carrying broker, DriveWealth possesses the ability to onboard your global customer base, democratizing the U.S. securities markets.

Through DriveWealth’s API driven process, we provide a seamless onboarding experience, which includes account setup, along with a variety of account types so you can provide a full suite of services to your customers.


Unique Funding Options

Offer your customers a broad range of funding options, from traditional methods such as wire transfers and ACH (U.S. only) to more contemporary methods for funding your account, such as TransferWise. Additionally, DriveWealth’s flexible funding methods allow registered entities to instantaneously move money to client accounts, and accommodate other features such as eWallet integration and gift card solutions.

Dollar-Based Investing

Appeal to the next generation of investors with dollar-based investing. Any investment amount can buy any security regardless of its stock price.* Create well diversified and extremely granular portfolios of any number of securities regardless of deposit size. Dollar-based investing paired with competitive pricing, lowers the barrier of entry for your client base.

*Subject to a minimum investment of $1.00/security. “Any security” refers to securities offered by DriveWealth, LLC.

DriveWealth's Brokerage Solutions support:

Full Service and Self-Directed Brokerage, Banks, Credit/Lending companies, offering both fully disclosed clearing and omnibus/consolidated account clearing services. DriveWealth also can support a variety of other businesses looking to add securities to their own product offering.


More Investor Advantages

DriveWealth’s disruptive pricing provides a plan suitable for every investor. Customers can pay as they go, with a low commission charge, and even lower rates for orders less than a share. Alternatively, partners can offer monthly subscription plans, or integrate DriveWealth's offerings into their existing subscription service, allowing their customers to buy and sell for pennies on every order.

Surveillance monitoring occurs during the trading day, catching Pattern Day Trades and Good Faith Violations immediately upon incidence. These notices help customers to not inadvertently trade themselves into a trading violation, requiring account restriction. 

Advanced order types support our entire client base, from micro-investors to institutional investors. DriveWealth supports market, stop, and limit orders, as well as more complex and algorithmic order types: Market-If-Touched, VWAP, TWAP, MOC, POV, AP, and Directed Market Access.


Advanced Technology

DriveWealth’s brokerage platform is used by hundreds of thousands of clients in over 150 countries and built on the leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our platform consists of a robust set of APIs (REST and FIX) that enables rapid, scalable, flexible integrations on mobile or server applications. Along with our core brokerage platform, DriveWealth offers a myriad of powerful tools that can speed up your launch time. From white-label iOS and Android mobile apps ready for rapid launch, to software development kits (SDK) for faster development, DriveWealth is sure to have a technical solution that meets your needs.

Beyond your customer-facing application, integrate DriveWealth's APIs into your Back Office for customer management and support. Or, utilize our own Back Office interface, available for your registered representatives and support staff.