Fully-Disclosed Account Integration

DriveWealth’s carrying broker status and API-driven platform make it quick and easy to launch fractional share investing in U.S. equities.

Fractional Investing

Navigating the U.S. broker-dealer regulatory environment can be difficult and time-consuming. Since DriveWealth is a carrying broker, you can quickly add dollar equivalent-based fractional investing in U.S. equities to your offering by integrating with us on a fully-disclosed basis.

Digital Onboarding

We can manage the entire customer onboarding process, including AML/KYC compliance checks for customers anywhere in the world, plus fractional voting rights, proxy and prospectus delivery, and all of the client statements and tax reporting on fractional investments. If you’re already set up to manage all of this, you can quickly integrate with DriveWealth on an omnibus basis.

Investment Products & Account Types

Through DriveWealth you can offer the full breadth or a limited subset of our investment products:

  • 4,000+ equities, ADR’s, ETFs, ETNs, mutual funds, alternative investments
  • Money market funds, FDIC bank sweeps
  • New securities can be added upon request
  • Non-U.S. equities, securities lending, and F/X coming this year

The power of fractionalization is in the ability to create balanced, diversified portfolios at a fraction of the cost of whole share investing. You and your customers can create portfolios based on industries or themes, e.g., a tech sector basket including TSLA, AMZN, AAPL, and GOOGL, at affordable entry points.

DriveWealth lets you customize account types, ownership types, funding options, and order types.

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