Global Retail Trends Report 1Q 2021

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As we look back over an extraordinary year, the picture is clear — we are witnessing a sea change in the way people of all generations invest and plan for their future. Embedded finance is replacing fragmented legacy financial systems; companies around the world are empowering consumers with the agile and user-friendly investing experiences of the future. DriveWealth’s partners are proving that innovation in retail investing is changing people’s lives.

Some of the key findings from our proprietary data:

  • Quarterly trading volume and asset growth outpaced the markets once again, rising 45% and 33% respectively between 4Q20 and 1Q21, eclipsing the S&P 500 at 5.8% and NASDAQ at 2.8%
  • There was a 66% increase in the number of trades in 1Q21 over 4Q20
  • Investors traded more often, but smaller amounts in 1Q compared to last quarter
    • Placed 12 trades in the quarter on average, or ~4 trades per month per account
    • $286 average trade size in 1Q21, a 15% decrease from $335 in 4Q20
  • Investors ages 60+ traded the largest amounts on average in 1Q with an average trade size of $444

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