Pattern Recognition 101

By Kayleigh Yerdon, Intern and Brand Ambassador, Cornell University For many, the image above looks simply like a black screen with randomly placed lines. The various colors have no significance and the lines bend without purpose or direction. For some, the chart seems like it should have more meaning than it does. The green bars represent the fluctuations in a stock’s price over a period of time, but the rest of the image is perplexing. The lines should mean something, and they do mean something – but what?

For a select few, the answer is simpler than you may think. Each set of lines represents a pattern – a bullish sign, a bearish sign, or an average price – in the changing values of a particular security. If you are not trained in market analysis, these concepts probably seem foreign to you. However, understanding the trends of the markets is something that all investors should aspire to do in order to make more informed decisions. For this reason, DriveWealth is offering its clients access to Pattern Recognition 101 by Steve Kalayjian of KnowVera.

Pattern Recognition 101 is an online educational course designed to cover the essentials about equities, commodities, currencies, and bonds. Students of the course are given access to videos and articles that explain diagrams exactly like the one above. So, if the MACD, DMIx indicator, or stochastics currently mean nothing to you, they will soon! In conjunction with the Pattern Recognition 101 videos, expert Steve Kalayjian will also host live webinars for course subscribers. In the webinars, Steve will delve deeper into the trends that knowledgeable investors should be able to recognize before making trades. To do so, he will present his personal trend algorithm, called the KnowVera Research Trend Channel Proprietary Algorithm, which makes it easy to spot patterns in any asset class and time frame.

For users who aren’t sure they want to take the plunge into the Pattern Recognition course just yet, some of the course’s videos are accessible as a trial run. With this feature, investors can get a feel for what the course has to offer before they purchase it. If you’re one of the many investors who don’t understand the chart above, become one of the savvy few that do by looking into Pattern Recognition 101.