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Engage and reward brand loyalists with fractional shares of your company’s stock.

Drive Customer Engagement

Trying to find new ways to drive engagement and reward your brand’s frequent and/or big spenders? Try adding fractional shares in your company stock to your customer engagement and loyalty rewards toolkit. Converting consumers into shareholders is easy with DriveWealth’s cloud-based, API brokerage infrastructure – it allows you to seamlessly embed investing into every day retail experiences, such as:

  • Roundup amounts of every credit card swipe into fractional shares of your stock
  • Reward frequent purchases with $1 of stock for every 10 purchases or every $100 spent
  • Give customers the option of coupons for 10% off their next purchase, or $5 of stock
  • Enable redemption of loyalty points into stock

If you’re already financing your customer purchases with a branded credit card or in-house financing arm, adding investing as part of your overall brand experience is a natural next step. Reward your best customers and brand loyalists with investments in the very brand they already love and support.

You focus on your branding and customer engagement strategy. Let DriveWealth manage all the complexity of the brokerage infrastructure necessary to support fractional share investing experiences.


DriveWealth’s patent-pending Fracker® technology provides the unique ability to invest in real-time fractional shares on a dollar-equivalent basis. Our brokerage infrastructure offers a complete solution, delivered through a modern suite of APIs and brings a frictionless investing experience to your customers:

  • Account Sign-Up
  • Order Management
  • Reporting
  • Market Data, and
  • Account statements, trade confirmations, and even tax documents.

With DriveWealth, you can start offering your customers real-time, dollar-equivalent-based investing in fractional shares in as little as 60 days. Our Partner Solutions experts will guide you through design, integration, launch and beyond.


We are. Contact us today to talk about bringing new and engaging investing experiences to your customers.