Implementation and Ongoing Support

With DriveWealth, you can start offering your customers real-time, dollar-equivalent based investing in fractional shares in as little as 60 days.

Our dedicated Partner Solutions experts will guide you through our three-step process:



Tell us about the experience you want to enable. We’re happy to share our product or industry thoughts to help guide how you should encourage customers to think about investing.


Your development team has access to a replica of production to build and test your product. Our experts have substantial experience leading API technology and workflow integrations for Partners of all sizes and business models across the world.


Once you’re fully-integrated, our compliance and legal teams take a look to make sure nothing seems out of place. We provide production access, and accounts are instantly ready to be opened!

Post-launch, our staff is available to answer questions regarding brokerage accounts, money movement, and more. Plus, you’ll get real-time support through a dedicated Slack channel.

Partner Portal

The DriveWealth solution provides you with a Partner Portal to manage your integrations, validate API usage, and manage customer accounts pre- and post-launch.

Partner Portal has a simple interface to assign employee user roles and permissions. Choose from pre-set roles based on Series 7 and 24 licensing, or customize permissioning as needed to ensure compliance with security regulations.


DriveWealth uses a layered approach of overlapping controls, monitoring and authentication to ensure the overall security of the company’s data, network and system resources.

Still have questions?

 Great. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer them.