DriveWealth Institutional

DriveWealth Institutional has a trusted institutional track record and a presence on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

DriveWealth Institutional (DWI) is the newly launched institutional division of DriveWealth Holdings, Inc. It was formed with the acquisition of Cuttone & Co. and led by CEO Donato J. Cuttone, a member of the NYSE National Exchange. Donato and his experienced team have a strong institutional track record and a presence on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

In addition to the company’s core expertise as one of the world’s most respected broker dealers, the service offering continues to expand, and enhance the institutional client’s brokerage experience. Institutional direct market access, custom algorithmic trading strategies, prime brokerage, options execution, and fixed income trading are the firm’s foundational offerings.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality institutional execution experience with full transparency and the fullest commitment to satisfying our partner’s sophisticated needs, while strictly adhering to the market’s exacting regulatory standards.

In addition, we have built and operate a uniquely configured digital infrastructure affording our clients great flexibility in the routing and execution of order flow, while maintaining strictest compliance with NYSE, FINRA and SEC rules and regulations.

Execution Quality and Price Discovery

DriveWealth Institutional enables our partners to leverage the benefits of being connected to a variety of execution points through our sophisticated trade execution technology that has previously only been accessible to institutional investors.

DriveWealth Institutional provides access to a network of institutional trading partners on our highly scalable, configurable, and redundant electronic trading infrastructure. We will provide you with best execution and performance reports which provide full transparency in strategy visualization, venue performance, benchmark performance, and trade expense.

Electronic Direct Market Access and Custom Configured Routing Solutions

We built and operate a uniquely configured digital infrastructure. We offer our clients access to the following destinations via our 15c-3-5 compliant Market Access Gateways:

Equity Routing Statistics

  • 4 Exchange Memberships
  • 3 ATS Subscriptions
  • 15 Domestic/International Broker Relationships
  • 4 Single Point Dealers/Internalizers
  • 10+ Interdealer Desks
  • 150+ Algorithms/Routes

Market and Regulatory Expertise

DriveWealth Institutional has over 35 years of experience on the NYSE floor and has built relationships with institutions across the market. As an active DriveWealth partner, you will have direct access to the expertise of this Institutional team.

You will have access to information on:

  • Point of sale real-time information for:
    • NYSE listed IPOs
    • Limit Up / Limit Down (LULD)
    • Market wide circuit breakers (MWCB)
    • Daily end of day email on the closing imbalance
  • trading performance and any issues
  • real-time market conditions, trends, and
  • regulatory and jurisdictional issues that could affect the market

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