Deliver the cool, cutting-edge digital experiences that customers expect and the fractional share investing they need.

Attract New Types of Investors

The world is changing fast. Newer investors are taking a whole new route to meeting their financial goals—smaller investments now, not larger investments later. And, like your current customers, they expect their financial services experiences to be cool, digital, and cutting edge.

Fracker® does both–it powers cool experiences for customers to invest in companies and brands they like. It allows new investors to build balanced, diversified portfolios over time by investing as little as one dollar at a time, from the palms of their hands.

Worried that your existing technology cannot make it happen? Retooling your current infrastructure or building from scratch is way too costly and way too slow. You can’t afford to build, and you can’t afford to wait. DriveWealth’s global, API-driven, cloud-based platform can support your launch of fractional investing so now you can stay ahead of your competition in this fast-changing world.


DriveWealth’s patent-pending Fracker® technology provides the unique ability to invest in real-time fractional shares on a dollar-equivalent basis.

DriveWealth sits beside your existing technology stack, not on top of or inside it. That means that you can be up and running quickly, without massive and never-ending meetings, expensive consultants, or system-wide testing. Our Partner Solutions experts guide you through design, integration, launch, and beyond.

And because our entire system was purpose-built for fractional investing, it addresses all the associated, complicated logistics that come with it, such as voting rights, proxies, and tax reporting.

Ready? We are.

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