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Give clients of all sizes balanced, diversified investment portfolios through cutting edge digital experiences with our real-time fractional share investing and portfolio management technology.

Seize the Opportunity

The good news is that growth will come through younger and new types of investors. The bad news is that traditional financial services have no appeal to them. We believe the future lies in millions of clients doing a few small trades, not just a few wealthy clients trading millions.

DriveWealth’s technology was designed to help you manage a large number of client portfolios of any size. Our AutoPilot technology makes it easy to create and oversee many custom portfolios, automatically rebalancing down to the penny. Our Fracker® technology gives you the degree of accuracy you need, plus the ability to offer more affordable entry points to attract new clients to grow your business. They get the unique advice and assistance with investing that already sets you apart–you may win them for life by making investing accessible early on.

Our platform makes it easy to execute on your advice and deliver the intuitive and engaging UX that investors expect, now. You don’t have the technology, time, or team to get there on your own. DriveWealth handles everything behind-the-scenes, with a modern, purpose-built infrastructure. And, if your current website or mobile app isn’t cutting edge enough for your customers, our strategic partners can help you with your goal of developing an experience on par with the latest digital disruptors.


DriveWealth’s patent-pending Fracker® technology provides the unique ability to invest in real-time fractional shares on a dollar-equivalent basis.

DriveWealth can help you launch quickly and easily, without massive and never-ending meetings or expensive consultants. Our Partner Solutions experts guide you through design, integration, launch, and beyond.

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