Our API-Driven, Cloud-based Brokerage Platform

DriveWealth’s patent-pending Fracker™ technology provides the unique ability to invest in real-time fractional shares on a dollar-equivalent basis.

Some Examples to Inspire You


Let your customers invest in their favorite brands or diversified portfolios. Even novice customers can start investing today in terms they understand, “$1 of Apple or $10 in Nike.” DriveWealth makes this possible for you because our platform was purpose-built for scale and ease. Suddenly, you can make buying Starbucks stock as easy as buying a Starbucks latte.

IN ACTION: A Banking App
One partner, a popular banking app that lets customers buy everything from their e- wallets, launched brokerage as a new product offering. Their customers can now open a brokerage account, get instantly verified via DriveWealth, fund the account from their e-wallets, and start trading—immediately.


DriveWealth’s platform supports your Advisory business whether you advise clients and manage their portfolios on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, or if you offer Robo portfolios. Our AutoPilot toolkit allows each RIA to create their customized portfolios and investment baskets for their clients.

IN ACTION: Advisory Start-Up
The DriveWealth platform is so scalable, it can even power a start-up offering a cutting-edge UX for RIAs. Our Partner white labels the DriveWealth platform to provide RIA’s a custom-designed, end-to-end solution.


Investing $1 at a time won’t adequately prepare anyone for retirement, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Fractional share technology lets everyone, everywhere, put their money to work in the largest, most liquid investment markets in the world rather than leaving their spare cash in a low yield savings account. Creating the habit of investing spare change early is critical–today it’s a dollar at a time, tomorrow it’s a paycheck. With dollar-based, real-time investing capabilities, DriveWealth brings the world’s leading financial market to mass retail clients.

One partner, a fast-growing digital personal financial management (PFM) company that offers frictionless retirement accounts used DriveWealth to help customers securely save over $1,000,000,000. An automatic month-end sweep moves extra cash in the bank account into a retirement or regular brokerage account.


Incentive programs were created to help retain customers, but they do little to differentiate one vendor from another. Loyalty points or a gift with every ten purchases? Boring! Stock rewards can help your business stand out in a crowd and provide another way to engage brand loyalists. For example, with DriveWealth, you can reward clients when they increase their savings, pick good stocks, or buy your product with pennies of shares that add up. There’s nothing boring about that.

IN ACTION: Financial Institution
In 2017, our partner initially launched a membership-based service centered around managed investment accounts powered by DriveWealth. In 2019, they built on top of this service by offering a new rewards product that links the customers’ debit card account to their DriveWealth investment account. Our managed advisory and Autopilot service enables this partner to provide a cash back rewards program, where cash earned is seamlessly deposited into their investment account and automatically invested into risk-based portfolios.


DriveWealth’s Robo technology helps you offer your clients a lower entry point into diversified, balanced portfolios for a fraction of the cost of a single share. Our technology supports your risk questionnaire and matching a client’s risk profile to custom portfolios of U.S. investments. It’s never been easier for you to move your clients closer to their goals—a house, college, or retirement, whatever!

IN ACTION: Financial Institution
The clients of one of our partners can get robo advisory with fractional investing and instant account funding. The partner provides customers a loan to fund the investment account and then aggregates a customer’s banking, loan, and investments into a single consolidated view. With DriveWealth’s cutting edge, scalable technology, this partner can create an unlimited number of custom portfolios for their clients. 


Roundups are a whole new way to think about investing. The world has accepted rounding up retail purchases for charitable donations, why not investing? Give your clients the option to save more by rolling pennies of every purchase into a diversified portfolio, an index ETF, even the brands they buy most often. DriveWealth’s cutting-edge platform allows you to get creative! If you’re a card issuer looking to offer customers something new, this loyalty program is perfect.

IN ACTION: Stock Loyal Points Start-up
Loyalty points are the second most traded currency in the world behind the U.S. dollar. One of our partners used DriveWealth to bring liquidity to this market by allowing customers to convert loyalty points into fractional shares, an asset that can appreciate over time.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

A tax-advantaged Health Savings Account can be a critical tool in helping clients combat ever-increasing health care and retirement costs. Make your HSA offering even more attractive by giving your clients access to a variety of investment options, from Mutual Funds, ETFs and ETNs to fractional US equities.

IN ACTION: Insurance Company
One of our insurance partners wanted to create their own branded experience for their HSA customers and expand their customer base by offering investment options beyond mutual funds.

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