Think outside the stock with DriveWealth Unlimited

Invest what you want, how you want, and when you want with DriveWealth Unlimited. Investors like you can take advantage of our low cost monthly subscription pricing plan so investing every month is a no-brainer!

The Game is Changing. Are You Ready? 

For a low monthly subscription, you can invest as much as you want and as often as you want for just $0.01/share. 

DriveWealth Unlimited Pricing DriveWealth Classic
Monthly Quarterly Per trade
$5.99* $14.99* $2.99/trade**
$0.99/fractional share trade
*$0.01/share commission + exchange fees.
**$0.0125/share subject to $2.99 minimum per trade.

The Perks of Membership

Being a DriveWealth Unlimited member comes with a few perks in addition to easy, low cost investing. 

  • Receive $5 of free stock on your birthday
  • More experienced investors who qualify for margin can benefit from a lower rate
  • Priority access to new features in the DriveWealth app
  • Discounts on education and analysis tools provided by DriveWealth’s partners

***DriveWealth Unlimited is only available to customers residing in the U.S.

****While DriveWealth Unlimited seeks to provide customers with a low-cost subscription based option, all trading must comply with U.S. Securities and Banking regulations. Please see Margin and Day Trading Rules on the Support Center.


Become an Owner

Become an owner

Owning fractions of company shares lets you become an investor on any budget.  Invest in a portfolio of the companies you love without worrying about expensive transaction fees and/or high share prices.