Wealth Management

DriveWealth’s brokerage platform empowers wealth managers of all sizes by offering a suite of digital investment services.

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Global Onboarding

DriveWealth enables our partners to onboard global customers and their assets, currently serving over 100 countries. DriveWealth, LLC. is a full-carrying, broker-dealer and a member of FINRA/SIPC.


Unique Funding

Customers can fund their accounts easily and cost effectively through a range of transfer funding options. Registered entities can instantaneously move money to client accounts, accommodating features such as eWallets and gift card solutions.

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Real-Time Dollar-Based Investing & Fractional Share Allocations

Appeal to the next generation of investors with dollar-based investing. Any investment amount can buy any security regardless of its stock price.* Create well diversified and extremely granular portfolios of any number of securities regardless of deposit size. Dollar-based investing paired with competitive pricing, lowers the barrier of entry for your client base.

*Subject to a minimum investment of $1.00/security. “Any security” refers to securities offered by DriveWealth, LLC.

Advanced Technology

A robust set of APIs (REST or FIX) delivers a simple integration for natively embedding DriveWealth’s broker-dealer offerings into your platform or mobile application. Alternatively, instead of building your own front end our team can provide you with a customized white-label solution. In addition to DriveWealth’s Back Office dashboard, Salesforce integration provides advanced analytics.